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Being Discharged from the hospital?

Returning home after being discharged from hospital is a happy time for some but is quite daunting for those who are returning home alone. Older adults who have had a recent significant health event are likely to be at risk of social isolation following hospitalisation.  Often, patients are re-admitted less than a few weeks after discharge due to loneliness, severe anxiety, mistakes in medication, poor nutrition and dehydration.


Having additional support in place during this time can alleviate any stress or worries you have whilst also ensuring a quicker and smoother transition to full recovery for your loved one.


Did you know that Affinity Plus can help with…


Discharge: At Affinity Plus, our Care Manager & Operation Manger will work closely with both the Hospital and our team of Care Assistants when planning a discharge. A detailed Care Plan will be developed and left in the home to ensure that your loved one receives the correct Care during the recovery period.


Medication Prompts: Affinity Plus Care Assistants will prompt your loved one to take the medication provided to them as instructed by their Doctor.


Follow Up Visits: Our Care Assistants can attend any follow-up Doctor or GP visits required.


Meal Preparation: Affinity Plus Care Assistants can assist your loved one with meal planning, shopping, and any meal preparation to ensure that your loved one is eating healthy and nutritional foods.


To talk to us about your loved one’s discharge and how Affinity Plus can help you or your family, call us today on (045) 916 060 or email us at 


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