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Living with Arthritis

I have been asked to write a blog on the subject of living with Arthritis. But before I address my situation I’d like to talk about this medical problem which effects a vast majority of our population here in Ireland.

Arthritis is caused by inflammation of the joints, it usually comes with age, however it can and does effect children/juveniles in the same way as adults i.e. effecting fingers, knees, and hips. Arthritis can be as a result of a sporting injury as well.

Pain comes in many ways:-

(1) Chronic Joint Pain that lingers on.

(2) Joint stiffness is very common.

(3) Swelling around the joints.

(4) Decrease range of movement.

Can it be Cured:

There is NO cure for Arthritis but treatment

has improved greatly in recent years.

My story:

My story is that I have Osteoarthritis more than likely down to wear and tear. I have undergone surgery for replacement of my two knees and two hips, the hip replacement only three months ago.

I found swimming and walking a huge help to ease the pain of my arthritis. Walking on soft surfaces is always preferred but not always possible in some cases.

Other methods for relieving Arthritis pain are:

(1) Use Hot and Cold Treatments such as a warm shower to ease stiffness or by applying an ice pack to the painful joints.

(2) Meditation is often used as a method of relieving pain as it lowers stress, enabling you to cope better.

(3) Following a healthy diet that’s rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole foods.

Life goes on and having Arthritis and hip or knee replacements is NOT the end, but a new start and pain free.

Further advice can be obtained from The Kildare Branch of Arthritis Ireland.

Johnny O'Connor

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