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Affinity Plus Concierge/ Home Help Service

Alleviating you of some of life's daily pressures.

Based on 25 years of experience in the caring profession, the Directors of Affinity Plus have created a unique Concierge service. We offer this service in the County Kildare and West Wicklow

This is a catch-all service for all those little things you just cannot get around to during the week. Our goal is to help you to utilize your spare time doing the activities that you enjoy. We pride ourselves in providing a service that is practical and accessible. 

Best Friends

Discreet and Professional

The dignity and privacy of our clients is of the highest importance to us.

Our  Affinity Plus Concierge will arrive in an unbranded vehicle and will be dressed in smart, casual clothing ensuring complete discretion for our clients.

What Affinity Plus Concierge/ Home Help Service Can Assist With


Do you have a prescription that needs to be collected? Or dry cleaning that needs to be dropped off? Our Concierge can assist you with these time consuming tasks.

Household Duties

The Affinity Plus Concierge can assist with household tasks such as laundry, hoovering and bed-making. This gives you more time to use your precious time elsewhere.

Meal Preparation

The concierge can assist with meal preparation as required.


Don't have time to do the weekly shop? Don't worry we can complete this for you.

Pocket Watch

"There's only one thing more precious than our time and that's who we spend it on."

- Leo Christopher

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Gain control of your time

Email or call us to arrange a  confidential consultation so we can tailor our service to suit your specific needs.

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