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Senior Care

Peace of Mind and Practical Help for Senior Family Members

Based on 25 years of experience in the caring profession, the Directors of Affinity Plus have created a home support service for Senior family members which is respectful and professional. A helping hand and a caring word is welcome at all life stages. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional care for our clients. We ensure that our Home Support Assistants are matched with each client individually to enable peace of mind for the client and their family.

Affinity Plus covers County Kildare and West Wicklow.

Best Friends

Discreet and Professional

The dignity and privacy of our clients is of the highest importance to us.

Our Home Support Assistant will arrive in an unbranded vehicle and will be dressed in smart, casual clothing ensuring complete discretion for our Senior Care clients. Affinity Plus Home Support Assistants are Garda Vetted and have received training to ensure the best care for our clients.

What Home Support can help with

Overnight Care

We can support your loved ones with overnight care as required. Our Home Support Assistants can be with the client for a sleeping or waking overnight. This can give the client and their family peace of mind in the knowledge that their loved one is safe and tended to throughout the night.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

Our Home Support Assistant's can help with supporting the client at home in the comfort of their own environment. We aim to ensure that your loved one remains as fit and healthy as possible by providing exceptional experienced care. All dementia care clients are unique, we feel that our team can make a difference by using the tips and techniques they have been trained in. It is our aim to provide the client's family with as much emotional and practical support as required.

Personal Care

It is extremely important for overall health and well-being that high levels of hygiene and personal care are maintained. While we can complete full assistance with personal care, we try to allow the client to remain as independent as possible by also encouraging and assisting.
We can assist with bathing, bed-wash, dressing and toileting and incontinence care.

Meal preparation

Our Home Support Assistants can assist the client with shopping and preparing meals. Watch out for our healthy eating blogs from our affiliated Dietitian. We at Affinity Plus understand the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for overall well-being.

Medication Prompt

Sometimes this can become a chore for our clients. Although our service is non-medical we can encourage and prompt medication. Maintaining a medication regime can ensure that the client is keeping track of their routine as advised by their Medical Practitioner.


We feel at Affinity Plus that exercise is vital to ensure that the clients mobility is sustained. We can assist the client on walks and encourage indoor exercise as required. Our Home Support Assistants are qualified to assist where additional support may be required. 


Through experience we have recognised that companionship can avoid social isolation, maintain social skills and increase a sense of purpose and well-being.

Domestic Tasks

Having support with domestic tasks can ease the anxiety of the client. We believe that your home is your haven and it is beneficial to the client to have a clean, safe and healthy living environment.

Appointment Attendance

We can accompany you and bring you to appointments as required. We understand the challenges of getting to and from appointments safely with peace of mind.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

"To care for those who once cared for us, is one of the highest honours"

- Tia Walker

Sample Schedule

Affinity Plus offers a number of Home Support packages. This is just one example.

The number of visits per day or per week is listed and agreed in the selected care package. Typically, care recipients request Home Support for 5 - 7 days per week and 1 - 3 visits per day.

Morning Visit

Let's get the day off to a great start! Our Home Support Assistants may help clients with getting out of bed, getting dressed and arranging breakfast. For those Seniors who are very active and mobile, it's a positive start to the day and peace of mind.

Afternoon Visit

The afternoon visit may involve some assistance with meal preparation, or some domestic tasks like hoovering. It can also be a great time of day for some exercise!

Evening Visit

The closing visit of the day can be for practical help with the night time routine, a tidy up around the kitchen, and ensuring that the property is secured for the night.

Positive Psychology

It's more than just Home Support for us!

Affinity Plus is committed to providing the most professional and authentic home support experience for you and your loved ones.

Our team are trained beyond the skills of a Home Support Assistant. They are trained in Positive Psychology, Wellbeing, and Life Coaching. 

We also have a Board of Advisors who ensure that Affinity Plus is learning from other healthcare professionals. Our Board of Advisors includes a General Practitioner, Nurse, Psychologist, Physiotherapist and a Registered Dietitian. 

This means our team are aware of the challenges and opportunities in all those disciplines.

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Every family is different.

Email or call us to arrange a consultation with your family to discuss your requirements. We can tailor our services to suit your specific needs.

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